PVC fences are made of the material which is stable to UV radiation, which guarantees long life.
Quality finishing PVC fence gives shine and makes it smooth.


PVC fence is not necessary to maintain, such as wood or metal (paint, etc.).


in offer profiled PVC fence width 80mm.

PVC fences

The company DAL d.o.o products PVC fence of six chamber PVC profilewhich additionally improves rigidity and torsion resistance compared to the three-chamber profile and four chamber profile. Additional advantage the sixth chamber PVC profile is the possibility of easy mounting PVC fence. The central chamber of our plastic PVC fences are made in the form of honeycomb, and mounting on metal mounts of fences can perform with screws for wood or sheet metal so. truss-head screws.
PVC fences used for enclosing your possession, courtyards, terraces, balconies …

PVC fences – benefits

Our PVC fence can be mounted quickly, easy and simple to all materials, does not pollute the environment because it is made from materials that can be recycled. When you compare the life expectancy and the cost of new PVC fence with life cycle wooden or metal fence, you will see that the PVC fence better and more profitable choice, and if you have PVC joinery better yet will fit in the appearance of your home.